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We start with print because it works. Generating leads for advertising clients all across Florida, we know that print advertising is still the backbone of local, community based marketing. We then compliment your print ad with FREE web and mobile offerings to enhance a truly comprehensive marketing solution for your bridal business. When you work with Coastal Bride & Groom, it's much more than running an ad. You receive value-added benefits that other magazines companies simply do not offer. Our Advertisers have found that along with receiving leads they get to tap into a wide variety of print and electronic value-added programs and a lot of bridal shows where our magazine is in the hands of the Bride-to-Be and decision makers, which help our advertisers accomplish their marketing objectives. We are confident that by controlling the audience and the message, you have a far better opportunity of positively controlling the outcome. In our case, we marry the right audience with the right ad and we bring you powerful, profitable results month after month with a new wave of calls every issue.
No other magazine offers as much marketing and sales support - and several of these benefits are exclusively offered by our company. Make sure your advertising plan includes Coastal Bride & Groom magazine!


  • "first class people and love doing business with them!"

    "first class people and love doing business with them!"

    Edwin Handschuh

Olivia Bowen Bridal

Sierra Lee-Brodsky, owner

"Thank you for everything, the cover looks amazing!

Can't wait to get the crew together for the next issue! xoxo


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